Last updated on November 23, 2020, 8:58 AM

What is Jimmy’s Audio Player?

Jimmy Utterström has recently developed an audio player, which uses OSMD to display and play MusicXML notes on a web browser.

What can it do?

As with other open source projects, OSMD has an ever-growing community that supports, co-develops or creatively uses the project. In this case, Jimmy Utterström came up with an audio player that is able to play notes and display MusicXML notes by using OSMD. Even though the source code itself is not polished yet and should be developed further, Jimmy was kind enough to make it open source.

The tempo can be changed manually by using the slider on the player. Volumes for each instrument can be adjusted individually too. However, the current audio player is more of a prototype, and is not yet able to pay attention to more complex details. This would include ornamental notes and dynamics, for example.


Also, all instruments are played with piano sound instead of using Midi instruments A complete audio player that masters such details requires much more developmental work, and is something that is already on the roadmap for OSMD.

Please do note that though the player itself is up and running, it is still at its beginning stages. It is still quite basic and limited in itself but on the road to improvement and full implementation. The audio player was developed in Sweden and is currently available in English. Watch our short demo video below.


The audio player was developed in Sweden.

How much?

All features are free of cost.


The audio player is currently available in English.

About the developer

Jimmy Utterström is based in Sweden and was formally educated in embedded systems and is an open data enthusiast.

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