Last updated on September 2, 2019, 2:56 PM

What is Pianu?

The American platform is based out in the US and offers digital piano lesson in the browser and an extensive library of songs that you can learn. uses OSMD to display sheet music.

What can it do?

The user has several options for playing the sheet music, such as the mouse or keyboard via a virtual keyboard. However, the use of a MIDI keyboard is understandably recommended in order to be able to better transfer the skills to real instruments.

These are already available at a reasonable price, and even offers corresponding recommendations. Similar to popular music video games like Guitar Hero, when and which key to play is indicated by colored bars that slowly fall from top to bottom on the corresponding key of the virtual keyboard.

A beginner on the piano can make his first steps at in the Academy. It is specially provided to teach the theory and practice of music step by step. First, in simple exercises, playing is practiced with separate hands, and finally with both hands together.

This is followed by music notation and further theory combined with practical exercises to select music examples. The ultimate goal of is to explore and learn the extensive library of pop and classical music.


Where? was developed in the United States by Matt Curney and Jacob Anderson.

How much?

A membership at costs $8 a month, although many lessons and songs can be tried out free of charge. Users can also pay $60 a year to unlock a full years worth or $225 to unlock the full academy course for a lifetime.

Languages is currently only available in English.

Watch the video below to gain more insight and see how it works!

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