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The Mission.

Open Sheet Music Display’s mission is to foster the development of digital sheet music apps without developers having to invent the wheel from scratch. Developers need tools that enable them to transform ideas into problem-solving solutions. Our goal is to have Open Sheet Music Display ‘under the hood’ of every sheet music app.

Music XML is the de-facto (open-source) exchange format for sheet music. Ongoing innovation in the MusicTech industry is based on Music XML, the application of proper tools and an open-source mentality.

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Over the last few years the number of music education apps is constantly rising. There are hundreds of sheet music reader apps in the iOS app store alone. Musicians of all ages and of different skill levels use apps for learning and practising their instruments. Use cases range from starting to learn an instrument from scratch to simply having a collection of sheet music in a single place without the need of physical storage space. Most apps have in common that they are built around notes and sheet music, keep users motivated and accelerate progress. There is a whole new interactive experience technology can add to sheet music – from playing audio to recording and real-time performance feedback.

We at PhonicScore, the company behind OpenSheetMusicDisplay, built our first sheet music reader in 2012 and experimented with signal processing and real-time performance feedback since then. By building OpenSheetMusicDisplay we want to foster the development of new digital sheet music apps without developers having to invent the wheel from scratch. MusicXML is the de-facto (open source) exchange format for sheet music. We strongly believe that open source software like MusicXML and OpenSheetMusicDisplay is the basis for ongoing innovation in the MusicTech sector. See the MusicXML code sample of a music piece.

We are very curious about the projects that are going to be built on OpenSheetMusicDisplay powered by VexFlow.

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