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About MoonPiano

MoonPiano is an application developed by Soulaymen Chouri. Its goal is to teach people how to play the piano using MIDI keyboards.

With the goal to teach people how to play the piano, it lets you set up your midi keyboard for your audio input. It is also able to render sheet music and lets you select which instrument you want to hear and can even change its volume. Apart from this, MoonPiano lets you select the instruments and voices you want to practice. In terms of playback, the application is already supporting various instruments, like piano, guitar and violin. Have a look at some photos below!

At a glance


Built in Tunisia by Soulaymen Chouri.



The app is completely free of cost for Windows, Linux and Mac.


Currently, the app is available in English.


About the developer

Soulaymen Chouri (also known as praisethemoon) is a software engineer and PhD student in Data Science. He currently lives in Tunisia and will be moving to Germany for a Data Scientist position. Recently, he began getting into music and after buying his first piano 2018 he attempted to learn it online. He found a lack of apps that would allow him to practice sight reading and playing music accurately so he decided to write his own application to teach himself and hopefully other how to play the piano. The ease of use of OSMD and its well written code and documentation allowed him to quickly prototype his application, which also encouraged him to extend the features of OSMD and give back to its humble community.

Get in touch

Website: https://moonpiano.praisethemoon.org/home

Soulaymen Chouri: https://praisethemoon.org/

Soulaymen Chouri on GitHub: https://github.com/praisethemoon

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