Learning Piano with flashcards – presenting Piano Gym

About Piano Gym

The platform is a learning and practice ecosystem. It’s focused on prioritizing music theory and performance skills acquisition through the use of flashcards. Piano Gym pairs flashcards with modern learning techniques like spaced repetition, graded feedback, and progress tracking so that you can practice material and work through their curated content.

All you have to do is enroll in a school/course/lesson and do your reps! Just show up every day and do 15 minutes of reviews.

The Piano Gym website uses the Piano to navigate exercises as well as regular keyboard/mouse inputs. Currently, it’s working on browser technology, but Logan is looking to eventually make it for mobile devices.

They also provide content creation for everyone so that anyone can make their own schools/courses/lessons. The best part is that each school gets its own landing page.

For example, we’re using the methods book from Free Piano Method which is provided by Mayron Cole, and if you wanted to practice it without signing up or enrolling you could easily try the Piano Gym method.

Even better when you find the piece you want to practice you can share it directly like this.

How was OSMD used?

Piano Gym uses OSMD to render Sheet Music for practicing. Its selective measure rendering is the key feature that the project needed.

“With OSMD we’re able to render the specific sections to practice! Without OSMD flash card review would be impossibly difficult!”

Logan, founder

At a glance


Built in the US by Logan Knecht


Piano Gym is free to use. However, there is an ongoing Patreon sponsorship where you can unlock cool perks starting from 5$/month


Piano Gym is currently only available in English.


Clip: Introduction to Piano Gym

About the developer

Logan was born in Arizona, moved to Washington where he (among other things) started learning guitar, piano, and Japanese. He has a B.S. in computer science. 

When learning piano, all the tools Logan tried were focused on getting away from conventional sheet music. He couldn’t find anything that focuses on practicing music in context while emphasizing music theory. Logan decided to take it D.I.Y. and made his own solution.

Logan’s goal with Piano Gym is to make Music Theory and Piano an easy and accessible skill to teach and learn for anyone who’s interested! This means using modern learning techniques like spaced repetition, combined with graded feedback using an actual instrument, and making a tool to support teachers with content creation!

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