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Open Sheet Music Display, the MusicXML display turnkey solution for digital sheet music projects, is now available on GitHub Sponsors.  Sponsorships start at $14/month. Sponsors are not only doing good by supporting an open source project but also get early access to new features and screencasts. Find out more at 

Our mission with OSMD is to provide the best open source solution for MusicXML sheet music rendering for your digital music apps. With OSMD you don’t have to build sheet music display from scratch. Our goal is to be under the hood of every sheet music (web)app.

For the last three years, OSMD has been supported by netidee, Austria’s major open source internet promotion campaign. However, in order to become self-sustainable, we now need your support: We are happy that as of today OpenSheetMusicDisplay is available on GitHub Sponsors!

What is GitHub Sponsors?

GitHub Sponsors new way to financially support developers who build the open-source software you use every day. Open-source developers build tools for the community that builds upon these tools for free. GitHub Sponsors is a new tool to help them succeed, too.

GitHub Sponsors is funding all types of work that advance open-source software. Anyone who contributes to open-source —whether through code, documentation, leadership, mentorship, design and beyond—is eligible for sponsorship.

Why should you become a GitHub sponsor?

100% of your sponsored amount goes directly into further development of OSMD and/or bug fixing. 

We created sponsor tiers with different perks eg. early access to upcoming features like the audio player, transposing and annotations (aka Sponsorware). We also prepare screencasts to help build better products with OSMD. There is even more: you get individual support from our developers, access to our Discord developer channel and of course official OSMD merch ie. t-shirt, stickers, thank you postcards from Vienna – personally written by our team members. 

Here is how it works: become a sponsor for as little as $14/month at and you immediately get access to the transpose feature and the audio player.

If you are not a sponsor you will have to wait in order to get access:

  • After we reached 15 subscribers on any tier the transpose plugin will become publicly available (if there are less than 15 subscribers only subscribers will have access to the transpose plugin)

  • After our first goal is reached (50 sponsors on any tier) we will make our OSMD Audio Player publicly available (if there are less than 50 subscribers only subscribers will have access to the audio player)

Check out the full list of our sponsorship tiers or become a OSMD sponsor on our Github Sponsorships page.

How do I sponsor OSMD?

If you or your organization pays via credit card or PayPal, login or sign up for a free GitHub account and start sponsoring right away at

For organizations with invoiced billing, contact Github.

Spread the word!

Any help in getting the word out is very much appreciated, feel free to share the news with other music tech or open-source enthusiasts.

If you have any questions or would like to share your opinions and suggestions on further development of our products write to us at or add an issue in our repository.

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