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“Performance Mode” was introduced exclusively for our Github sponsors and Premium WordPress users.

It uses a faster algorithm to render the music sheet, resulting in up to 3x less rendering time. This is especially noticeable in larger sheets, e.g.: Sheets with more instruments or parts, that are also longer than 8-10 A4 pages.
The complexity of the sheet also has an effect; For example, in our testing, rendering the Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, Movement 1 full score takes ~20 seconds without performance mode. With it, we get down to 14 seconds.
But rendering a sheet with less fugal note runs (though still long with a large number of instruments) such as Lee Actor’s “Prelude To A Tragedy”, we’ve been able to go from 15 seconds to 4.5.



Performance Mode is a cinch to use: Simply enable it via the Checkbox under “Premium Options” for the block:


You can also set the attribute ‘renderWithPerformanceMode’ to true for the shortcode:


Finally, here’s a brief comparison of the time it takes to render with and without performance mode, using a large piece:

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