Open Sheet Music Display New Website Overview

Everything you need to know about the new OSMD website.

To keep up with the constantly updated OSMD Github repository, the website also needed an update. We added a fresh new look and other cool features. Here’s the result – This post is a short overview of the new OSMD website along with some extra goodies we’ve packed in.

Reasons behind the update

OSMD has been around since 2012. Over the years, the repository has gone through many changes and updates. In order to present our work in the best possible way, the website had to follow suit. It’s not just about the aesthetics, but about having a central spot for OSMD updates, relevant links, software demos and community shared know-how (a melting pot).

New features & future plans

Cool new visuals walk hand in hand with a couple of cool new features:

1. Demo update

Our website visitors can now try all OSMD demos directly on our website. Just press the demos button and pick the OSMD version you’d like to try out. Premium features are available to demo as well.

Open Sheet Music Display demo page
OSMD demo selection

2. TypeScript library / WordPress plugin downloads

Both OSMD versions have their own subpages. Whether you need OSMD for your WordPress-hosted website or you’re just looking for the TypeScript library – all key features are now listed in one place along with free version downloads or demo try-outs. 

Music XML audio player Open Sheet Music Display
OSMD audio player demo preview

Future plans

1. Blog

So far, our blog was a place where OSMD users could get first-hand info on the latest OSMD updates. We decided to expand that by not just focusing on our product but on MusicXML and digital sheet music culture as a whole.
Our team member and developer Justin is preparing a curated series of educational articles about MusicXML, as well as detailed instructions on how to best use OpenSheetMusicDisplay for solving digital sheet music problems.

It’s not about showing off how great OSMD is, but about demonstrating its capabilities and educating sheet music developers (so they don’t need to invent the wheel from scratch as we did). His first piece will be a comprehensive introduction to MusicXML. The release is coming up shortly – don’t miss it.

2. Sponsor exclusive screencasts

As a part of our ongoing Github sponsorship, our sponsors will get access to custom-made screencasts. These will be comprehensive tutorials that cover every step of using OSMD in detail. The videos won’t be available for the public but exclusively hosted on the new website. When you become our sponsor you get access (along with early releases, premium OSMD features, OSMD merch, and all other cool perks we’ve prepared).

The first sample screencast on setting up a basic development environment is public. You can check it out here.

3. OSMD newsletter

Curated newsletter episodes packed with the most recent updates on OSMD and selected blog posts. Feel free to sign up here – we won’t be spammy.

4. Showcases

This one isn’t new, but it’s also getting a makeover. We’re thrilled to have users all over the globe and curious to hear about their projects. Feel free to show us what you have been using OSMD for. The projects that we really like will get listed on our Showcases page (along with project-specific case studies, and follow-up promotion on our social channels).

Jump in the discussion and meet other sheet music developers on our Discord channel.

Starting a community

It’s not about a fancy new website. It’s about making a new gathering place for sheet music developers – beginners and experienced pros alike. New things are always in the making.

Feel free to stick around and explore the new website.

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