Hello World, OpenSheetMusicDisplay JavaScript Engine for MusicXML using VexFlow

Hello World, OpenSheetMusicDisplay!

We are proud to introduce OpenSheetMusicDisplay, the JavaScript library for MusicXML using VexFlow.

OpenSheetMusicDisplay (short: OSMD) lets you display your .xml build or .mxl MusicXML sheet music files in modern web browsers like Chrome or Firefox using popular open source rendering software VexFlow. (Please see our series “From MusicXML to JavaScript sheet music display” on what’s going on under the hood).

OpenSheetMusicDisplay is distributed under MIT licence.

In other words, there is now an open source solution for your MusicXML sheet music projects available. On that note, please let us know what projects you are planning with OSMD and we will cover it in our blog.

However, be aware that OSMD is still far from perfect and we are still at the very beginning of a long journey.

Demo Page for MusicXML & GitHub

For that reason we set up a demo page at so you can test what OpenSheetmusicDisplay can do at the moment and what it cannot do.

Please see GitHub on how to use OpenSheetMusicDisplay for your projects. There is also a wiki with basic class documentation, flow model and sheet music object model description available.

If you are Interested in joining the project and contribute, help is wanted anytime!


Photo by Michael 1952, Creative Commons License 2.0, No changes applied, https://flic.kr/p/8foWFr

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