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OSMD 0.5.1 out now!


0.5.1 is released on npm and Github!

We just released OSMD 0.5.1 on npm and Github earlier today! We now can handle invisible notes, updated tuplets and the demo. Plus: we added an options interface for OSMD constructor. The OSMD constructor now takes an IOSMDOptions object as second and only parameter instead of individual method parameters autoResize and backend. Try the new options!

Example use:

var osmd = new OpenSheetMusicDisplay(div, {backend: "canvas", drawingParameters: "compact", drawPartNames: false});

See Basic Usage in the Wiki for more info.

See the full Changelog on GitHub.

Improvements to 0.5.0 (quick manual summary): Try the changes in our updated official demo.

E.g. try osmd.drawingParameters.setForCompactMode() and osmd.drawingParameters.DrawPartNames = falsein the console, then osmd.render() or simply resize the window to re-render.

If you haven’t seen our 0.5.0 release yet, which added many more features, check it out as well!

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