OSMD version 0.5.0 released - Team happy

Version 0.5.0 released

Late-summer release comes with many new features and bugfixes.

Good news for all music enthusiasts and web devs: we skipped vacation this year in order to ship version 0.5.0 of OpenSheetMusicDisplay just before summer comes to an end. By a great effort from the team we proudly present many new features:

  • Draw Slurs, calculated by OSMD as Bezier curves
  • Display Ornaments: Trills, Turns, etc.
  • Display Grace Notes, can be slurred
  • Display Quarter Tones, Triple sharps and flats
  • Display In-Measure Clefs (clef changes)
  • Add Note Head Shapes (Percussion: Slash, Triangle, Diamond, X)
  • Lyrics: Draw LyricsExtends (_), eliminate overlap between lyrics
  • Lyrics: Left-Alignment by default, center-alignment still supported
  • Display Dynamics (f, p, sf, etc), Tempo expressions (adagio etc)

Not to mention all the bugs that were fixed:

  • Draw repetition endings correctly with Vexflow Voltas
  • Display Common/Alla Breve time symbols instead of numbers, fix key signature without mode
  • Reduce number of dashes between lyrics for a better look
  • Use new Vexflow version 1.2.85 which fixes many rerendering bugs

But this is not all. Check out a complete list of new features and bug fixes of release 0.5.0 on GitHub:

Give it a try, and play around with the demo:

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