New RElease 1.8.0

OSMD-Update 1.8.0: More functions and accuracy

The latest version of Open Sheet Music Display fixes bugs and offers helpful features.

Open Sheet Music Display, a web-based software for rendering sheet music in MusicXML format, has released a recent update. What’s new? Most importantly: Chord symbols are better centered and measure sizes for short notes with long lyrics reduced. Here is a summary.

The bug fixes address various issues, most importantly:

1.   Chord Symbols: A bug causing chord symbols to be improperly centered above notes for short chords has been fixed. The update includes the addition of two new engraving rules: ChordSymbolExtraXShiftForShortChordSymbols and ChordSymbolExtraXShiftWidthThreshold.

2.   Lyrics: The update resolves the issue of short lyrics not appearing vertically centered below notes. Additionally, a bug causing dash overlap in short intervals has been fixed.

3.   Tuplets: Previously, tuplets were not properly bracketed when not on a single beam, such as when including rest notes. This bug has been addressed. Furthermore, the update introduces a new engraving rule called TupletsBracketedUseXMLValue to provide improved control over tuplet bracketing.

4.   Dynamics: There are improvements to the positioning of crescendo, decrescendo, and wedge symbols’ start and end positions, as well as fixing wedge overlaps. Additionally, most wedges have been widened for better visual representation.

Further bug fixes include missing beams and noteheads in rare cases, fixed measure width not being applied to the first measure, measure elongation when lyrics or chord symbols are not rendered, the left barline of the first measure not allowed to be a repeat barline, repeated bracketed tuplets missing tuplet numbers, and improvements to visual regression tests.

Place words inside the staffline

The update also introduces new features. The two most important ones:

1.   Lyrics Spacing: The feature has been enhanced to reduce the measure sizes for short notes with long lyrics. This is achieved by adding x-padding. The update introduces new engraving rules: LyricsUseXPaddingForShortNotes, LyricsXPaddingFactorForLongLyrics, and LyricsXPaddingWidthThreshold.

2.   Words: A new option has been added to the Words feature, allowing users to place words inside the staffline at the default-y XML value. This addition brings two new engraving rules: PlaceWordsInsideStafflineFromXml and PlaceWordsInsideStafflineYOffset.

For the Cajon feature, an option has been added to fix note placement for a 2-staffline cajon. The Dynamics feature includes a new engraving rule called IgnoreRepeatedDynamics, which handles most situations except repetition with a 2nd+ volta. New options are two engraving rules for slur placement at stems and the use of skybottomline, improving slur end articulation detection. Lastly, the Tremolo feature now renders Buzz Rolls (unmeasured tremolo) with the addition of the TremoloBuzzRollThickness engraving rule.

Better rendering, better Music display

Overall, this update for Open Sheet Music Display aims to improve the accuracy and functionality of sheet music rendering, providing users with a better experience while working with MusicXML files in web browsers.

Full Summary of Bug Fixes and new Features on GitHub: Click here

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