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OSMD on WordPress – Shortcode update

The OSMD WordPress plugin came out over two months ago. The initial feedback was amazing, but we decided to make it better.

The big change? We made the plugin way more accessible as now users can add shortcodes. 

Need for shortcode

The WordPress block editor is pretty new. A lot of WordPress instances are older versions that don’t come with the block editor. This shortcode update enables users who don’t have the block editor to easily integrate and use OSMD.  Both premium and free OSMD plugin versions have been updated. 

To our knowledge, OSMD plugin is the only active and functioning shortcode plugin for rendering digital sheet music. It covers all key features required for serious work with Music XML. Features, capabilities and installment instructions are listed here.

How to use OSMD with shortcodes:

The OSMD shortcode works just like any other shortcode. All the options are available as attributes and spelled out in our plugin readme here.


 1. Entering the shortcode text

simply enter the shortcode text with the attributes desired specified, e.g. in the Classic Editor:

music xml wordpress plugin shortcode

2. Using the shortcode in the new Gutenberg editor

Use a shortcode block, found this way:

music xml wordpress plugin shortcode

Enter the shortcode text in the same way as before:

music xml wordpress plugin shortcode

The one thing to note is that you specify the full Music XML URL with the shortcode. This can be copied from the file details modal window in your Media Library, e.g.:

music xml wordpress plugin shortcode

The result!

music xml wordpress plugin


Let’s stay in touch

Other than new upgrades and plugins we’re very busy with making new content and screencasts on OSDM and sheet music in general. Join our Discord channel to meet other sheet music devs or showcase your projects. You can also become a sponsor to get exclusive goodies and early releases to our builds.

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