OSMD Audio Player is coming!

However, there was always one major feature missing: the audio player. In the past we had many requests for an audio player by developers. Even a working prototype was made available. So what did you hold back then, one might ask? The audio player is a logical next step in the development of OSMD. The answer is simple: for us at PhonicScore.com, the company behind OSMD it was just too big to handle without proper resources available. This so much needed financial support is now provided by netidee.

Why an Audio Player?

Developers need a playback of the notes for the functions of their products. This could be for previewing the notes/pieces before buying or practicing sheet music.

The playback function is very complex to implement. Great technical know-how is necessary. Modern web browsers offer web workers the ability to implement compute-intensive tasks in the background without blocking the current page. We plan to use web workers for the entire calculation of the sound reproduction, in order not to block the display of the notes and also to enable interactions with the sheet of notes (e.g. setting the cursor) during this time.

We are currently working on the detailed project timeline for 2020 so stay up to date and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

This posting is also available in German on our netidee project page at https://netidee.at/osmd-audioplayer/omg-der-audio-player-kommt

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