OSMD 0.7.1. With Its Brand New Features

OSMD version 0.7.1 is now up and running!

We have fixed more bugs and added even more features!

Apart from many other new features, OSMD has added two main ones for this version. Firstly, the cursor now follows the bars. This means that while you click through your sheet music, the cursor will follow you and even scroll down the page! This takes away the troublesome need to scroll down manually when the cursor goes beyond what can be displayed on your screen.

This handy feature was implemented by Soulaymen Chouri, aka praisethemoon, who is a software engineer and PhD student, currently based in Tunisia. He has also developed his own piano learning application, MoonPiano, which was developed with OSMD as well. You can find out more about praisethemoon and his application on our Showcase portfolio.

For the second main feature, you can now display arbitrary bars of a piece. For example, if you only want to see and practice bars 9-15 of a piece, you can now display them on OSMD without any hassle. It is as simple as it sounds. Just put in the bars that you want to display on our site and off it goes!

As for bugs, there are quite a few that we were able to fix. One being the ability to enable a half note tremolo between two different half notes and another the octave display error. The octave shift bracket is now shown over the note line.

Don’t believe it? Try it out yourself on our demo site!

Find out more about our other new features on GitHub: https://github.com/opensheetmusicdisplay/opensheetmusicdisplay/blob/develop/CHANGELOG.md

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